Project overview

The project AuxUtils is an auxiliary C++ library that implements the missing functionality from the Boost libraries. The library provides some efficient functions and templates and wraps some platforms dependent functions.

AuxUtils overview

Key AuxUtils features

  • License: Apache License v2.0
  • Officially supported platforms are Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Open Solaris
  • Additional functionality missing at the Boost library is implemented
  • Full tread-safe and STLPort is supported optionally
  • Open Source and fully free for use and deploy
  • Documentation and code snippets free and easy accessible
  • Commercial support is available

Core AuxUtils features

  • Standard dynamic module (*.so/*.dll/*.dylib) handling. Dynamic module routines server to load a dynamic module. The module is a library that implemented as a dynamic(.dll) on Windows or shared(.so) on Unix-like system library
  • Effective programming templates like object pooling, thread pool, timer and etc. EPT routines server to work with a times, thread pools and pool objects. These routines allow to execute task on thread pool and subscribe timers.
  • Input/Output routines like ByteBuffer, Streams and etc. IO routines server to work with a data to transfers, streams.
  • OS process/thread handling functions like getThreadId, async process spawn and etc. Utils routines server to work with sequence generator, operation system process and time.

More documentations available online.