Project overview

The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol is an open, industry standard protocol designed to provide a flexible data communications interface to transfer short messages between the Message Center and a SMS application system. Examples of Message Center are Short Message Service Centro (SMSC), GSM Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) Server . Examples of SMS application system are WAP Proxy Server, Email Gateway or other Messaging Gateway.

The AntHill SMPP (Cpp,Ruby) project is a powerful networking library that implements SMPP protocol (v 3.4 and v 5.0) and supply different fail-over and scaling functionality. It is based on AntHill library. The library contains SMPP Encoder and Decoder as well as other utilities like SMPP DumpViewer, SMPP SMSCEmulator, SMPP Shell and etc.

AntHill SMPP Cpp overview

Key AntHill SMPP features

  • License: Apache License v2.0
  • Officially supported platforms are Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Open Solaris
  • SMPP protocol support according to SMPP spec v3.4 and 5.0
  • SMPP scaling and fail-overing algorithms
  • Extensible architecture and API
  • High performance and productivity
  • Full tread-safe and STLPort is supported optionally
  • Open Source and fully free for use and deploy
  • Documentation, tutorials and code snippets free and easy accessible
  • Commercial support is available

Core AntHill SMPP features

  • SMPP scaling and regex coordinators for support scaling algorithms are available
  • SMPP fail-over and broadcast coordinators for support fail-over algorithms are available
  • SMPP encoder and decoder, validator according to SMPP specifications v3.4 and v.5.0 are included
  • SMPP outputters such as text and CSV outputters are supported
  • All SMPP commands according to SMPP specifications v3.4 and v5.0 are supported
  • Useful utility classes for working with SMPP datatypes are included

More documentations available online.